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Ward 5 Senior Summit

Today is the first day of August and as the summer heats up the Council is cooling down and settled into recess. As the Council’s official business activity quells, I have increased my efforts, lately, to attend more community events and will work to reach as many residents as I can over the next few weeks to hear your concerns. This will give me the opportunity to learn what works well in the government and entire city, as more residents in the community age.

Just last Saturday, I hosted the Ward 5 Seniors Summit, at Providence Hospital, where 70 seniors, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, and Civic & Neighborhood Association representatives convened to learn about issues affecting the senior community. Representative from the Office of Aging, the Department of Employment Services (DOES), the Department of Housing and Community Development (DCHD), Department of Human Services (DHS), Seabury, and Senior Villages delivered informative presentations and answered questions from community members who were eager to engage the officials regarding protections against fraudulent practices, elder abuse, employment opportunities, skill training and senior housing.

Thank you to Dr. John Thompson, the executive director of the Office of Aging, for his rousing remarks on the importance of maintaining an age-friendly city and electing representatives who advocate on behalf of senior citizens’ interests. In the coming weeks, his office will outreach across the city to identify accident prone households and assist seniors in ways to avoid dangerous falls. Special thanks to Dr. Sheila Jones of Adult Protective Services, Capt. Phillip Lanciano of the 5th District MPD, and Bernice Hutchinson of Senior Villages, DuPont Circle for their presentations.


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