Meet Anita Bonds

Councilmember Anita Bonds (D At-Large)

Anita Bonds has spent her entire adult life as a grassroots organizer, activist, and trusted political ally for campaigns and causes across the spectrum of the civil rights, social justice, worker’s, LGBT, and women’s equality movements.

Since December 2012, Anita Bonds has served as an At-Large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia and she is the current Chairperson of the Committee on Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization and serves on the Committee on Education, Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, and the Committee on Business and Economic Development.

The Committee on Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization holds oversight authority over the DC Department of Housing and Community Development, the District of Columbia Housing Authority, Housing Finance Agency, Housing Production Trust Fund, and the Rental Housing Commission. Additionally, the committee has purview over the Board of Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings, the Board of Real Estate Appraisers, the Real Estate Commission, the Rental Housing Commission, and the Office of the Tenant Advocate.

Along with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, she also has oversight over the DC Office on Aging, the Office on Returning Citizen Affairs, the Commission on Re-Entry and Returning Citizen Affairs and the Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Anita attended college at the University of California at Berkeley where she was active in the Free Speech movement. Upon returning home to the District of Columbia, she became a politically active leader in the District’s struggle for civil rights and equal justice with the Young Democrats of America, as Chair of the D.C. Women’s Political Caucus, Vice-Chair of the National Women’s Political Caucus, and as a Statehood Compact Commissioner.

Anita served several terms as President of the Perry School Community Services Center, as an officer of the D.C. Federation of Civic Associations, and a four-term Chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C. While employed at Georgetown University, she was instrumental in the creation of the Center for Social Justice, Research, Teaching and Service through her community work. Additionally, she served as Director of Development for Africare, the largest American not for profit organization assisting twenty-eight countries on the continent of Africa. Most recently, she held the position of Director of Corporate Relations for Fort Myer Construction, Inc., one of the largest commercial enterprises and union-based employers located in the District.

Anita served as a cabinet member in the administrations of Mayors Anthony Williams, Sharon Pratt and Marion Barry and retains in-depth legislative experience from working at the D.C. Council.

Anita has worked on numerous national campaigns to elect Democrats at the national, state and municipal levels. Including; Sen. Carol Mosley Braun, Sen. Edward Kennedy, and Sen. Paul Sarbanes, and served as National Field Director for the Jesse Jackson for President Campaign.

Anita is the current Chairman of the DC Democratic Party and serves on the Executive Board of the Democratic National Committee. Anita is a former Chairperson of the Ward 5 Democrats.

Anita is a resident of Ward 5, an active member of Foundry United Methodist Church, a mother to three, and a grandmother.