Press Release: Proposed Increases to HPAP and Affordable Housing Task Force





February 07, 2018

Contact: Emmanuel Brantley

(202) 741-0918



WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, during the twentieth legislative meeting of the Council of the District of Columbia, Councilmember Bonds, along with Councilmembers Grosso, Silverman, Nadeau, Cheh, Todd, Evans, Gray, R.… Read more

Press Release: Councilmember Bonds Supports Judicial Independence and Stands Against Sexual Assault



December 19, 2017

Contact: Emmanuel Brantley

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Councilmember Bonds Supports Judicial Independence and Stands Against Sexual Assault


WASHINGTON, DC – On the morning of Tuesday, December 19th, the Council of the District of Columbia convened for the last Committee of the Whole meeting of the year.… Read more

Press Release: The 16th Legislative Meeting of Council Period Twenty-Two

Bonds Introduces Legislation Putting District Residents First

WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, the Council of the District of Columbia gathered for the sixteenth legislative meeting of Council Period 22 at the John A. Wilson Building. Shortly after a quorum was announced, Councilmember Bonds moved to introduce two pieces of legislation: one that would increase environmental sustainability in multifamily buildings, and another that would accelerate the improvement of living conditions for District tenants suffering in properties with housing code violations.… Read more

Discovering Indigenous Peoples’ Day

WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, October 3, 2017, Councilmember Bonds introduced a bill that proposes to change the legal holiday celebrated on the second Monday of October from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The Councilmember firmly believes that introducing this measure is extremely important, especially during a time where our nation’s regard for its minority populations is a topic of question.… Read more

Councilmember Bonds Resumes Council Period with New Housing and Child Safety Legislation

WASHINGTON, DC – This morning, the members of the District of Columbia City Council reconvened for their first, post-recess meeting of the Committee of the Whole.

During the session, which began promptly at 11 a.m., Councilmember Bonds introduced four pieces of legislation: the Rental Unit Fee Adjustment Amendment Act, which raises the annual Rental Unit Fee from to $25 to $30 in order to help fund the exemption of low-income, elderly, and tenants with disabilities from rent increases due to landlord petitions; the Rental Housing Registration Update Amendment Act of 2017, which updates the requirements for the registration of rent control housing accommodations, in order to provide stakeholders with up-to-date market data and a more accurate outlook on the District’s current rent control housing stock; the Public Housing Resident Bill of Rights Amendment Act, which proposes to compile and make readily available a complete list of the most important local and federal rights of public housing residents; and the “Child Water Safety Amendment Act”, which requires that all children 5 and under, at any childhood development center, wear a United States Coast Guard approved personal flotation device when they are within 50 feet of an unsecured water facility more than one foot in depth.… Read more